About Us

LivesthroughFriends was established in 2007 as a Community Interest Company by Bob Rhodes & Colin Campbell with the explicit aim of assisting people who need social care support to ‘self-direct’. To achieve this there needs to be alternative and more independent support to people in need of social care support who, in the past, have had their needs assessed and addressed by social services departments and other agencies, but who believe that they, with a little help, will make better use of the funds by doing it themselves.

We believe that ‘Good Lives’ for all of us have their foundations in loving and caring relationships and the ‘social capital’ that accrues from individuals being part of their local community and being allowed to contribute to it in their own unique way. Indeed, immersion in “serviceland” tends to have the opposite, alienating, effect as people rarely sustain real control over their lives in the absence of support, advocacy, and love from family and friends.

At LivesthroughFriends we take the view that the policy thrust characterised by the promotion of self-direction, personal/individual budgets, self-assessment, and the consequent Transforming Social Care/Putting People First initiatives constitute far more than a change in working practices. For us they are the first steps in a realignment of powers and responsibilities between individuals, families, communities, and the State/Statutory Agencies. They reflect a commitment to boost the autonomy of individuals, promote self reliance, encourage reciprocity and contributing citizenship within communities, reduce counter-productive welfare dependency, and secure far better value from the investment of public social care funding than is achieved through the commoditisation of social care and over-emphasis on services.

Yes, there is Much More To Life Than Services.