Have you read Much More to Life than Services?

“Above all, ‘Much More to Life than Services’ celebrates the gifts and talents of people and the assets that are abundant in us all and our communities. It proposes that we adopt a mindset that builds on these gifts. The core objective of the book is to provide a person and community centred perspective on the real opportunities that can be grasped if contemporary initiatives in the UK around personalisation, self-direction and individualised funding in social care are addressed from a gifts rather than needs and deficiencies perspective. It is replete with stories that illustrate these themes. It brims with questions. It seeks to offer assistance to ‘self-directors’, ideas and challenges to policy makers, and observations about leadership to those who are called to lead services. It asks readers to think and reflect. It suggests a new beginning. It is a polemic – not an academic treatise. It addresses us all.”

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